peggymastPeggy Mast is a fourth generation Kansas resident. She was raised in the two-story farm house built by her great-grandfather J. E. Rule. Her family lived on a small farm on the outskirts of the small community of Clayton. She learned early in life how to work and how to like the feeling of getting something accomplished.

Peggy graduated from Jennings Rural High School with no hope of going on to college. Her parents had thought long and hard about how to use their limited resources and could not foresee the importance of a post high school education. Her two brothers entered the Navy after graduating high school, and she became a homemaker. She was able, however, to take a class at Fort Hays University while working to help her husband get his master’s degree in business. She later had the opportunity to take classes at Butler County Community College, Flint Hills Vo-Tech and Emporia State University. She states that most of her learning has come from the school of hard knocks and encourages young people to get as much education as possible.

Peggy has been blessed with four wonderful children and she takes great pride in their accomplishments. Her oldest step daughter holds down a household while raising her children. Her daughter Amy has obtained her Masters in Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner and is considering going on for her Doctorate degree. She specializes in geriatrics practice as well as serves as an instructor of nursing at Newman College in Wichita. She and her husband Scott live in a small community outside Wichita with their two children. Corey and his wife, Lindsay, live in a suburb of Dallas, Texas along with their two daughters, where he practices physical therapy. Mike and his wife live in a small community outside Wichita with their three active boys and new daughter. Mike works with pharmaceuticals and his wife works with Hospice. Peggy says with a smile, “My kids make me feel secure with their expertise as I get older”.

Peggy is now married to John who operates an Engineering Company in Emporia. They love living in the country. John has also brought three more adult children and another granddaughter, Dacia, into Peggy’s life. She and her husband are active members of Victory Fellowship Church in Emporia. She loves working with the Student Leadership Forum, The Intern Program, and attempting to get a record number of Pages each session.

Throughout the years, Peggy has worked in several arenas. Peggy is active in her church, her community, farm organizations, Kansas Family Partnership, which deals with underage drinking and drug use, as well as very active in her family. She has been a phone operator, school bus driver, employment agency branch manager and office manager in an oil field servicing operation. She has worked in several offices in Emporia and is currently retired. She enjoys reading, water sports, fellowshipping with friends and relatives, painting, and just about anything that convinces her that she has made a difference. “That is the reason I love my job in the legislature. It gives me the opportunity to meet and learn the needs of individuals and then try to make a positive difference in their lives.” states Mast.