Representatives respond to Westar production consolidation

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015 @ 5:23PM

TOPEKA—House Speaker Ray Merrick (R-Stilwell) and House Energy & Environment Chair Rep. Dennis Hedke (R-Wichita) issued the following statements after Westar Energy announced it will shut down portions of power plants in Lawrence, Tecumseh and Hutchinson later this year.

House Speaker Ray Merrick

“The Obama administration has placed Westar in an impossible situation and we now have 40 Kansas jobs that are the first announced victims of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. This decision was forced upon Westar as a direct result of regulations that killed their ability to retrofit and upgrade existing plants.”

Rep. Dennis Hedke
Chair of the House Committee on Energy & Environment

“Due to the Clean Power Plan, this announcement from Westar is the harbinger for a wave of plant closures across America, resulting in a significant increase in the electric bill of every Kansas family. People on fixed incomes will be hit the hardest, and may be forced to decide between putting food on the table, or freezing from lack of heat in winter. This overreaching EPA Plan will yield virtually zero benefits. The Clean Power Plan will not alter the earth’s climate, nor will it materially advance the overall health of America. Westar is the first casualty in Kansas in the broader war against American ingenuity, and leadership in the free world energy marketplace,” said Rep. Dennis Hedke, Chair of the House Committee on Energy & Environment.”


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